Saturday, March 2, 2013

Easy Ways to Improve Performance Motorcycle Engine

Increasing the size of a larger engine capacity engine means more power, it does not mean a small capacity can not fast, people are just crazy sometimes bore up is still inferior to a smaller capacity.

  But that all aside, for the daily motor, engine capacity greater than the default factory will improve the motor performance, because you can get more gas discharge burning in any engine rpm, it makes sense not.

  The trick there are only two: scored piston with a diameter greater than, or lengthen the swing step by sliding piston big end ahead or replace with aftermarket stroker pen commonly sold in the market.

Improving Compression Ratio Ratio higher certainly produce more power, more or less. The more you condense the air / fuel mixture is sprayed faster to fire spontaneously, but must be balanced with the right octane fuel to prevent premature combustion.

  This answers why motor-racing road race, or drag, which was covered in the tabloids, magazines generally wear high high octane fuel because the engine they use a higher compression ratio to gain power.

  So how how, there are a lot of ways. Starting from the cutting head or cylinder head, block and piston dome raised, or narrow domed combustion chamber to resemble a bath tub. do not know if the same bathtub. because at home the bucket Or it could also incorporate a variety of methods.